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Info over het forelvissen

Trout Fishing
Trought fishing
04/03/2017 – 26/11/2017
where updating the website at the moment
Time table's are the same only a sligth difference in price's

The hart from and four the Trout Fisher
Where he/se has lost there hart to one of the 13 pounds

If you want to be sure you have a private pound please book in advance
( reservation will be hold till 12.00 unless otherwise agreed)
Reservation is only possible for the privat pound

This is the result of last Sunday the 15th of Augustus at pound 7.  Me and my grandson had choosing for 1 x option 1 and 1 x option 3 ( 25 Trouts and 4 Salmons ).   the result was as followed 40 Trouts and 4 salmon and this between 08.00 hours en 13.30.  I believe we did a good job.  It was the first time that I came to your fishing pounds.  I had also invited my daughters son( carp fisher) he had the best trout fishing day of his life.  thanks and till next time


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